[links] Link salad afternoon update

Rocket Science: the Sculpture

NPR discovers steampunk — (Thanks to A.)

Strange Tanks — Weird stuff here. Possible steampunk or AH vehicle designs. (Thanks to .)

on the awesomeness of giant fighting robots — :: laughing ::

Atlantropa — Wow. Big science gone totally amok.

Future cars — :: wants the future now :: (Thanks to .)

The quotation marks blog — (Thanks to AH)

The Hacker’s Diet — Some fascinating stuff here. (Thanks to .)

Very detailed notes from an ID conference — Quite funny, if you like subtle, scientific snark. For example, “Irreducible complexity seems to be the principle that, ‘if I cant figure it out how natural processes operate, it must have been designed in a manner I can understand.'” (Thanks to .)

Bridge inspector confesses to faking paperwork — Obviously the answer is market self-regulation! And tax cuts!

Saudi Cops Grab U.S. Woman In Starbucks: Kingdom’s Religious Police Take Her To Jail For Sitting With Man In Coffee Shop — That’s what happens you bring God into politics. As I’ve said before, the difference between Saudi Arabia and Christian America is only a matter of degree. The intent and rationale are the same — that we’ll be a better people if we follow God’s law.