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reviews Mainspring Powell’s | Amazon | Audible ] — By Jove, I think he liked it.

Fantasy Book Critic reviews Paper Cities Senses Five Press | Amazon ] — He appreciated my story “Promises: A Tale of the City Imperishable”.

Telling stories on maps — This is pretty darned cool. (Thanks to Jerry Oltion.)

Fantasy and Reality: Substitutes or Complements? — Fascinating, Captain.

If You Demand Magic, Magic Won’t Help — More from the same source.

Ideas and their meritGeech on good ideas and bad. (Thanks to .)

Measuring jugs — Some very cool kitchen art. (Thanks to .)

Porn for the blind — An, erm, novel concept. (Thanks to .)

Flying penguins found by BBC programme

If they were Klingons — My favorite is the Klingon Ernie muppet.

Faking the Rapture — A video…heh. (Courtesy of .)

Testing a bullet-proof vestShorpy proves people were idiots in the past, too.

Road to Nicholson Hollow. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.Shorpy with another striking blast from the past.

Infant planet, still in formation — Would that not be fetal planet? In any case, very cool stuff.

Mach Band — This was a new term to me. Interesting. See The Straight Dope on moths for an explanation of why it matters.

(Not so) Hidden Costs of the Longevity Boom — Hmm. I want to live forever, but who can afford it?

Doomsday cult members emerge from Russian cave — Technically, isn’t any Christian who believes in the Rapture a doomsday cultist?

The Obama Doctrine — An analysis of Obama and foreign policy.

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