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John Klima reminds us that it is World Fantasy Award nominating season — My recommendations of my own work are here if you’re interested in nominating me, though “C-Rock City” and “The Man With One Bright Eye” are purely SFnal and probably don’t make sense in the context of the WFA.

Aeon issue 14 is live — With my short story “Sweet Rocket.”

Top writers feel heat from publishers’ presses — “Many top-selling writers, such as John Grisham and Mary Higgins Clark, have turned out at least one book annually for years. Now some writers are beginning to grumble about the pressure, and some are refusing to comply.” Um. Um. Right. Also, note the comment about Scarpetta’s publishing scheduled. According to the Globe she has a manuscript due “soon” with an October 7 laydown date. WTF?

Star Wars ABC — (Thanks to lillypond.)

Locusts Swarm to Save Their Butts — “The researchers reduced the ability of individual locusts to detect the approach of other locusts from behind. This was done by severing the main nerve in the abdomen of one group of juvenile locusts so they could not feel anything from behind and in a separate group reducing the insects’ rear vision using black paint.”

Hauliers’ strike causes traffic jams and fuel shortages in Spain — “Hauliers”? The meaning is clear enough, but I cannot recall ever having seen that word before in my life. Is /ier/ freely substitutable for /er/? Teachier? Strippier? Monstier?

Shorpy with a 1917 photo of the landlocked destroyer USS Recruit

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  1. tetar says:

    Lehane said rushing cost a book of his an idea that would have made it better. I can understand his anger. A book a year is a tough pace is thinking about the book is required; we all think at different paces.

    Parker and Leonard write stripped down prose; I wonder if that helps them be prolific.

    Such clashes between art and commerce only cause false problems for most of us, who do not get the best-seller promotions, who are not expected to do much of anything, and who are brushed aside by critics, award ceremonies, and academia.

    In other words, all this angst is cute but, y’know, it’d be nice to have such problems in exchange for some of the others.


  2. tetar says:

    IF thinking

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