[personal|cancer] Sleeping with the enemy

After a fairly miserable weekend, sleep-wise, last night was probably my best night’s sleep since going off intensive post-operative medication. Ie, my best night of normal sleep since April. It was also the first night since April I’ve been able to sleep on my side in my more-or-less normal sleeping posture.

Coincidence? I think not.

I also have discovered that staying off fried foods, white flour, heavy starches, beef and excessive dairy considerably eases my affaires de colon. This is not the least bit surprising, but I’m in the position now where my appetite and cravings are in a serious mismatch with what my body will actually handle, thus requiring some active mental effort to manage this issue. I’m also eating considerably less food volume than my pre-op norms, so my weight has slid down a bit.

So after a day of careful eating yesterday and night of sleeping on my side, I feel ready to fight tigers. By damn, I can see normal from here.