[links] Link salad for a Thursday

Open question thread from me — Now with answers!

jimvanpelt muses on author Web sites

Dark Energy Survey AdvancesCentauri Dreams with some cool science, some cool tech and an extremely cool photograph.

Data Retention Effectively Changes the Behavior of Citizens in Germany — Just remember, the innocent have nothing to fear.

Making with the eye babies — A description of Pensacola Christian College. While I realize that many of the world’s great universities have roots as religious schools, the increasingly high profile credibility of Evangelical diploma mills (especially law schools!) has frightening implications on a number of fronts.

Republicans, Democrats Differ on Creationism — Gallup with a poll on Creationism and evolution. Cripes, I don’t know why they’re blaming Republicans on this one. According to this piece, less than 20% of Americans across the board poll for a purely natural explanation. Our entire country is infected by idiocy. Repeat after me: spiritual truth is not equivalent to empirical truth.

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