[travel] A “Where’s Jay” update

Last week in Omaha they asked me to come back next week. (This is out of sequence, for a planning meeting.) Because I can never do anything the easy way, I am driving to Seattle this Saturday afternoon, planning to stay at the home of bravado111 and his lovely family that night. I’ll fly out of Seatac early Sunday morning, leaving the Genre car there.

In Omaha we’ll have a bonus Omaha Beach Party. Then I’ll be back to Seatac Thursday the 24th, because I have a signing at University Books that night. So there will certainly be a dinner or some such. I’ll stick around Friday with mine hosts so I can hit the Clarion West party Friday night the 25th (unless I’ve messed up the dates again), then head back to Nuevo Rancho Lake on the 26th.

The following week, I’m off to LaunchPad, then Denvention.

Just in case you were going to be in any of those places and wanted to catch up to me.