[conventions] WorldCon schedule

Friday, August 8th

11:30 am — To be Announced: we pick the panel, audience picks the topic
I am moderating Greg Bear, Connie Willis and Chris Garcia. This will be a drop-down laff riot.

1:00 pm — The History of the Campbell Award
I am moderating with Dr. Schmidt. Which mostly means he will talk, I think, since his experience of this history is all first hand. I really hope Chris Garcia and Jim van Pelt can be there, because they’ll get bumped onto the panel if they show up.

5:30 pm — Sidewise Awards
Mainspring Powell’s | Amazon thb | Audible ] is up for this award, though I am highly doubtful of my odds given the excellent competition.

10:00 pm — Match Game SF
will be running this hilarious topical remake. I will present for the first round only, with some of my books on tap as prizes.

Saturday, August 9th

9:00 am — Strolling With the Stars
Me, Frank Wu and Stu Segal, I believe. Though if I’m up rattling around, I’m likely to appear on other days.

5:30 pm — Hugo Reception and Ceremony
I will be making a very special announcement at the reception, and I believe I will be presenting the Campbell Tiara at the ceremony, though I have not yet confirmed this.

Sunday, August 10th

11:30 am — Making a living telling lies

Miscellaneous notes…

  • I am arriving Wednesday afternoon from LaunchPad and flying out Sunday evening.
  • All my dinner slots are spoken for, so if you want to meet up, catch me for breakfast, lunch or bar time.
  • I’m supposedly involved in a couple of publication panels covering specific anthologies, but this has not yet been confirmed.
  • There is a joint Buckell-Lake-Rosenbaum-Strange Horizons party in the SFWA suite, I believe Saturday afternoon. Borderlands Books will have stock to purchase, and Toby will be doing stand-up comedy. I’ll confirm time and location when I know them.
  • Failing all else, I’m likely to be in the bar, whichever bar seems most likely.

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  1. And I have been asked to replace you on the match game when you tap out. I think we should wear Mexican wrestling costumes…

  2. Jay says:

    Made of real human skin!

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