[contest] Why should you be a character in Tourbillon?

I have decided to name a slightly dim-witted British Army lieutenant in Goa after one of my blog readers. Here in comments, leave a brief explanation of why you should be immortalized in Tourbillon. Around Tuesday I’ll make a poll out of the answers, and we’ll vote in the winner of this fabulous Tuckerization.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your comment engines.

6 thoughts on “[contest] Why should you be a character in Tourbillon?

  1. Justin says:

    My name is Justin Andrew Jack and I should be immortalized in Tourbillon because of my history of slightly dim-witted decisions in Goa, which led to (among other things) my friend contracting Dengue Fever and to the both of us passing up a chance to head deep into the jungle to find a mystic who would “teach us the ways of the elephants.” I mean really. I had the chance to learn the ways of the elephants, and I didn’t go (plus my friend almost died)! That sounds exactly like the sort of thing that would happen to a dim-witted British Army officer.

  2. Jeri Merrell says:

    I’d be happy to serve as your your dim-witted decision maker in Goa. It’s a cheap way to travel vicariously. 🙂

  3. C.S. Inman says:

    Because I just tuckerized you last month. I won’t give you all the details (don’t want to spoil anything!), but you scream a lot and you go to jail.

  4. C.S. Inman says:

    Nevermind, Justin has me beat. Pick him!

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