[links] Link salad for a travel day

More on the Lake as a unit of measurement — From the inestimable jimvanpelt.

5 pieces of advice for the new paupers — (Thanks to tillyjane.)

Steampunk comes to the UK music scene — (Thanks to Jaws.)

US Air Force outlines combat raygun safety — Warning: Do not point laser in remaining eye. (Thanks to danjite.)

Global Climate Change: NASA’s eyes on the Earth — A NASA site on global warming. How’d that one get past the Bush administration commisars? (Thanks to jimvanpelt.)

Fossil reveals evolution of fish onto land — Oops. Creationists and IDiots, time to move the goalposts again! Those facts sure are biased against you guys, aren’t they? (Thanks to tetar.)

Beverly Clock — “The clock is still running despite never having been wound since its construction in 1864…” (Thanks to danjite.)

Internet millionaire takes aim at Mars — I’ll take the future, however it gets here. (Thanks to lt260.)

CNN reports leave out relevant facts on ACORN voter registration allegations — Your Liberal Media hard at work distorting the truth with a conservative slant. Nice meme there, GOP.

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