[memes] A rare bout of memage

calendula_witch tagged me with the “7 Random and/or Weird Things About Me” meme.

1. I have ridden both kinds of camels — dromedary and bactrian.

2. I know what fermented mare’s milk tastes like.

3. Once in my life I voted Republican.

4. I own several pairs of $500 Alden shoes.

5. The thump of falling vultures used to wake me up at night in my teens.

6. At one point in my youth I very seriously wanted to be a mechanical engineer.

7. I took a 1981 Ford LTD wagon across a Mexican river on a pair of canoes lashed together with 1x12s.

In keeping with my usual philosophy of memage, I tag no one except those of you who wish to consider yourself tagged.

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