[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 46

Today’s wordage: 3,500
Today’s writing time: 2 hours
Total wordage: 178,600
Total writing time: 99 hours, 30 minutes


Right now, a thousand eyes upon her was much safer than anonymity. Already the British airship was casting off from its tower, moving swiftly enough that she expected panic at their helm.

Small craft moved out of the way of the submarine. Larger vessels gave long wails on their steamwhistles. Somewhere in the city a bell began to clang – fire, foes, alarm! The noise was soon picked up and sent rolling across the harbor from a dozen church towers.

For a moment, everything inside her seemed to pause, as if coiled to spring. The iodine smell of the ocean, the rotten wrack of any fishing harbor, the scent of stone and roofing and animals in the air from the city; the light gelid and golden as if to seize the harbor in an amber grip; the wind standing in her hair just so, as if to lift her away from the place and fly her to a better world; the coolth of the turning season on her skin, even here in the Mediterranean. A transcendent moment, as permanent in her memory as it would be ephemeral in the march of her existence.