[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 51

Today’s wordage: 2,500
Today’s writing time: 1 hour, 30 minutess
Total wordage: 198,900
Total writing time: 109 hours

Editorial note: This draft is finished!


“Gentlemen.” Childress cut them both off. “If the executions are not going to proceed in the moment, I would prefer to ask for some aid for my man here. And after that, an adjournment from this abbatoir.”

“Abernathy,” the officer snapped, “get the doctor in here now.” He didn’t take his eyes off Childress, but continued, “No executions, ma’am. Not today.” He looked her over. “I am Major Sharpe, of the regiment. Who might you be?”

“The Mask Childress, of the avebianco.”

Sharpe glanced at the opened tank. “Here to oversee murder done?” His voice was mild, but he shook with passion. Wang began to wonder anew if they would leave this room alive.