[politics] McCain’s concession

Much like Al Gore in 2000, the best speech McCain gave in his campaign was his concession.

At the end, he finally showed some class. He might have had a chance if he’d tried that earlier.

3 thoughts on “[politics] McCain’s concession

  1. But all his supporters booed his most gracious points. It is going to take a hell of a lot to unite the country after eight years of the “great uniter.” I mean, 8 years of 1984.

    /enjoying my increased chocolate ration for the last time…

  2. tetar says:

    Mike’s right, they did, even unto him mildly chiding them at one point. It was a good solid speech, though, and the return of the old John McCain. You know, the one before the RNC got ahold of him.

    And then came Obama’s acceptance speech, head and shoulders above McCain’s concession speech. It was by turns magisterial, Presidential, historically referenced, with call-and-response, JFK, MLK, and Lincoln echoed, and included a reach out to the global audience, as well. Very good stuff.

  3. My wife and I both liked McCain’s concession remarks quite a bit.

    Neither one of us voted for him.

    Neither one of us voted for Obama either.

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