[photos] What we get up to at Nuevo Rancho Lake on these long winter nights

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I sense a caption contest coming on…

ETA: This is now officially a caption contest. Prize will be an ARC of Green, awarded by voting poll. Usual rules apply.

13 thoughts on “[photos] What we get up to at Nuevo Rancho Lake on these long winter nights

  1. Right. Sarah! Where did we put the bleach?

  2. “Evidence that Jay may need to move to Nantucket”

    (That caption is really wrong, but I could not resist!)

  3. Lee says:

    Here we see Jay preparing to look for his next story idea.


    Could someone with cancer do this?

  4. gordsellar says:

    While other members of the tribe watched, this elder performed what one group member claimed was a gesture “Invoking the Corn and Onion Spirits” and “Repelling the Harsh Winds of the North.” However, according to Horschfield, this is quite similar to a rarely observed mating stance of the Punga Lake tribesman, displayed in imitation of the now-extinct local Jumpin’ Lake Bluejay renowned for its mating prowess; some ancestral rite may be the origin of both. An example of local magical rituals, this gesture is part of an annual ritual celebrating the ripening of winter and the forthcoming spring. As always, the ritual was followed with a fruit pie, a “board game,” much chatter, and a brief episode of seemingly arhythmic but exuberant dancing to the group’s traditional music.


  5. Mark Siegal says:

    Worst mug shots ever.

  6. Wanna see my surgery scar?

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