[personal] 2008 in review

Highlights of 2008

  • I beat cancer
  • I made the Locus bestseller list with Mainspring
  • I lost 65 pounds and 10 inches of waist size


Novels Published: Escapement thb, Mainspring mmpb

Novels Written: Green, Tourbillon

First Draft Fiction Written (including novels): 612,700 words

Blogging: 260,000 words

Emails: At least 20,000 emails sent and received

Original Short Fiction Submissions: 36

Original Short Fiction Rejections: 14

Original Short Fiction Sales: 21 (one collaborative)

Original Short Fiction Published on my Blog: 10

Reprint Short Fiction Submissions: 6

Reprint Short Fiction Rejections: 2

Reprint Short Fiction Sales: 4 (including two Year’s Best)

Nonfiction Sales: 10


Inches of Waistline Lost: 10

Pounds Lost: 65

Time Spent Exercising: 132 hours, 45 minutes

Goals for Next Year

Novels to be Published: Green thb, Escapement mmpb, Madness of Flowers tpb, Death of a Starship tpb

Novels to be Written: Sunspin (trilogy), several collaborative projects to be scheduled

Additional Inches of Waistline Lost: 2

Additional Pounds Lost: 10

Time Spent Exercising: 250 hours

3 thoughts on “[personal] 2008 in review

  1. I think you should have bought (me) a lottery ticket 🙂

    Congratulations on an amazing year! May you have many more.


  2. A frightening and triumphant year for you; emotional and inspiring. I hope that 2009 is even better.

    I find it amazing that the illustrious Jay Lake still receives that many rejections.

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