[books] Green and Greener

The last few days I’ve been thinking about a sequel to Green. I believe I’ll make some story notes, and probably write a synopsis, before I get on to the revision Tourbillon at the beginning of March. I know the new title (for now): Endurance. I have the opening scene in my head, which means Fred is gnawing on it. Putting words to paper will let me get on to other things, while giving the ideas a chance to digest and be socialized among them what needs to know.

So properly, I suppose this post should be entitled Green and Endurance. More to come, and maybe even a WIP, if I wax sufficiently poetic.

One thought on “[books] Green and Greener

  1. Anne Zanoni says:

    Jay, of your kindness… if you could reply to your Electric Velocipede email, I’d be most obliged. Want to send you money, y’know.

    I do want you to keep writing: I’m spoiled, getting to read your short stuff pre-publication!

    Many thanks.


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