[process] Fun with outlines

I continue to leg-wrestle with the Endurance outline. 1,500 new words yesterday and a lot of thinking. As noted before, working on Sunspin and The Heart of the Beast has seriously rearranged my outlining process. It’s a challenge, in the “growth opportunity” sense, not in the “stumbling block” sense.

I plan to be done with this by the weekend, because I need to revising Tourbillon next week. When I am done, I’ll make a more detailed post about my experience of the process shifts and what I think it might mean. Mostly what it means, I hope, is a stronger book.

One thought on “[process] Fun with outlines

  1. tetar says:

    It’s instructive watching you expand and deepen your outlining process because it brings more into your control. The more you can anticipate, plan for, and think about, the more each element can affect the whole. Best example of that I’ve seen in ages remains the Harry Potter books of J. K. Rowling. She knew each detail before she began writing and the impact of that became remarkable.

    Cognizance versus conjuration, I suppose.

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