[polls] At what age did you first appear in print?

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If you've been published, at what age did you first appear in print?

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24 thoughts on “[polls] At what age did you first appear in print?

  1. Val Ford says:

    27 for my first novel. 18 for my first non-fiction sale.

  2. Paying or just in print? Because, you know, my elementary school put out a newspaper…

  3. Code of Conduct was my first published work. It came out in 1999. I was 41.

  4. stacy says:

    I was the high school correspondent for my local paper–if you’re counting journalism. If not, well, no books pubbed yet as author, but as editor, I was in my early 30s.

  5. Kess Leake-Campbell says:

    16 for the local Pembroke, MA paper – covered the police blotter and fire reports. Then 23 for Patriot Ledger feature articles – did interviews, etc. Now working on fiction…and am 46, so…who knows?

  6. Noddy Brothers says:

    I was 16 when my first SF poem was published in a collection of poetry, 19 when my first SF story was published in Germany, and haven’t had any fiction published since-that was almost 44 years ago. I got sucked into write-for-hire employee handbooks.

  7. Janna says:

    My first publication of any kind at all was actually in elementary school in the school newspaper. In junior high school a poem I wrote for a teacher was used on an award he received. My poetry was published in high school lit mags. My first professional fiction publication was when I was 31, in Ghosttide, a small press anthology, in some really nice company. But in the three or four years leading up to that, I was writing book jacket copy at work.

  8. tetar says:

    I was 32 when my first genre fiction was published, although I’d been published in various other ways long before then, beginning with newspaper credits (fillers) at age 12 or so.

  9. tetar says:

    I was 32 when my first genre fiction was published, although I’d been published in various other ways long before then, beginning with newspaper credits (fillers) at age 12 or so.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  10. mmerriam says:

    I was 40 when I made my first paying sale and was published. I am 44 now.

  11. Cora says:

    I was in my mid twenties when I had my first story published in the university literature mag. Had a bunch of other stories and poems published since then, all small press.

  12. DeLynn says:

    Does poetry count? If so, I was first published in second grade (we had a poet-in-residence who really liked my work!). If not, it wasn’t until our literary magazine came out in high school that my first short story was published. Either way, I was under 18…

  13. Julie says:

    I started selling articles to newspapers and magazines at about 25, but I was 36 when the first book came out.

  14. Monica says:

    I won a Halloween short story contest at the age of 9. My story was published in the local paper.

  15. Elementary school, I’m sure I had something published in the bulletin. We could break this out into categories, and make it more complicated… 🙂

  16. Eliza says:

    I assumed you meant real live pro or semipro published (22), but like many others here I was active in little school papers and litmags since approximately middle school.

  17. Ben Doom says:

    Depending on whether you mean in an online publication (an online programming journal) or the print version that started up a few years later…. Well, either way, I was in my early 20’s.

  18. Lawana says:

    For non-fiction, I had a short essay in the Washington Post when I was 17. I became a journalism major, so that meant articles for my college paper. My first non-fiction pro was at 20 when I had articles in a national magazine. For fiction, I was 28.

  19. First sale was at start of 2008, age 41 (almost 42). Published earlier in a Community College Literary Journal, but I didn’t get paid for that so I didn’t count it.

    – yeff

  20. Kyle Jelle says:

    I’m not counting anything that looks like it could have been run off on a laser printer – never got paid more than contributors copies for that stuff anyway – so Writers of the Future, at age 27, gets the nod.

  21. Steven says:

    First short story at 41. By that time, I had already published numerous non-fiction pieces and edited three anthologies (which were published when I was 36).

  22. Sean P. Fodera says:

    My first professional short story published when I was 37 (though I sold it when I was 34).

  23. Merry says:

    Age 35, in a charity anthology. Still working on the rest.

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