[writing] Progris riport, day 17, revising Pinion

Between travel preparation, the Omaha Beach Party, and Hugo fever, yesterday was a lost day for Pinion. However, today I have finalized the draft at 162,800 words, 300 words over my most recent estimated turn-in length. This is not the draft for formal acceptance, this is the draft for editorial review, which will lead to a change letter around the end of April from , and that will drive my draft for formal acceptance.

Today I handled the last of the fix-it notes, did some careful spellchecking, went on several crutch word hunts, and generally got it nailed down. How ready is this book for prime time? I’ll have to ask — she’s the editor. I’m just the writer, I don’t know nothing…

Off to first readers now, as well as and .

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