[travel] China itinerary

For those playing along with the home game version of “Where’s Jay”, here’s the China itinerary. Blogging where access and bandwidth permit, copious photos to be forthcoming for certain.

April 7
Leave Portland, fly to Beijing via Vancouver and Tokyo

April 8 – April 10

April 11
Overnight Train to Xi’an

April 12 – 13

April 14 – 15

April 16 – 17

April 18

April 19
Leave Beijing, fly to Portland via Tokyo and Vancouver

April 19
Back in Portland

5 thoughts on “[travel] China itinerary

  1. Liz Argall says:

    Wow, looks like a hectic schedule.

    I’m sure you’re well taken care of, but here are my humble travel tips.

    When in Xian make sure you get down into the muslim area near the great mosque and try some fantastic deserts and hot pots. The hotpot places look extremely dodgy, with bits of meat on skewers in the open etc, but it is delicious. I miss the charred meat of Xian, such a wonderful confluence of spices. When in Schetzuan province remember no chillis means medium heat at least).

    Beijing is overpriced but lovely (beware of cute school girls offering to take you to an art exhibition or wanting you to buy them tea).

    Do not drink TsingTao Beer, it’s the stuff they get out of the country. Every province, often every city have their own beer, I miss China’s beer. It’s light, delicious, generally comes in huge bottles and is about the same price as bottled water or fruitjuice.

    GO TO PUBLIC PARKS. There serendipity can find you many wonderful things. In China people don’t really go to each other’s homes, they go to restaurants or public parks. We’ve done TaiChi style exercises (you just join in), ribbon twirling and random gong/dancing parades, watched kite flying and listened to really odd kareoke. Xian’s People’s park is particularly bustling.

    Also if you need to go to the toilet, pay a few yuan to go into a park with a gate and you will have a much better experience than going to a public toilet (or the hideous pay to use toilets in train stations etc).

    Eat street food. The street food is great. The food that made me feel most ill and miserable was overpriced food from hotels. Don’t eat salad.

    Have a fantastic time!

    1. Jay says:

      I have passed this on tomy fellow travellers.

  2. I’m in Tianjin now (about 90 minutes drive from Beijing). Still want to do dinner on the 18th? Did you already let me know when and where? I think maybe, but my head is spinning from travel and jet lag. I may travel somewhere Sunday as well for a few days, and will likely stay in Beijing overnight, too.

    1. Jay says:

      I’d like to do it on the 18th, but I’m trying to confirm when we’re back from Jiangxi that day. How’s next week as a fallback?

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