[travel] Baltimore or less

In Baltimore now. My colleague and I were in the wrong city in Delaware, which took 75 minutes to correct this morning. All went well, now hanging in Hilton BWI Airport. Dinner at 7 if any of you Balticonners are in early, or local fen/writers want to come by and nosh with me.

And yes, I do know that Balticon is here tomorrow, but will be going to BayCon tomorrow. While I love you all here on the East Coast, she’s there, you know?

7 thoughts on “[travel] Baltimore or less

  1. Gotta go where your juice is.

  2. Mark Siegal says:

    Have you had any takers yet? I could probably make it for 7 (I’m local)… but I’m probably not interesting enough if it’s just me!

    1. Jay says:

      Do come! I’m not sure who else will be here, but I’ll bet you could be plenty interesting on your own if need be.

  3. Mark Siegal says:

    Cool, I’ll see you (guys?) there. I’ll bring the plate-spinning equipment, just in case. Meet in the lobby, I presume?

    1. Jay says:

      You got it.

    2. Jay says:

      Thanks for coming! That was fun.

  4. Mark Siegal says:

    My pleasure, thanks!

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