[links] Link salad hangs out at BayCon

A review of Dogs in the Moonlight

on her job as an artist

What’s wrong with this passage?Language Log with more grammar nuttiness.

Flyover: 1928 — Zeppelins aloft! Shorpy is cool again.

Five-Dimensional Data Storage — Mmm. Fifth DImension.

?otD: Would you like eggs with that BayCon?

Body movement: Hotel gym later this morning
This morning’s weigh-in: n/a (travel day)
Currently reading: The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold; A Long Line of Cells by Lewis Thomas

3 thoughts on “[links] Link salad hangs out at BayCon

  1. Cora says:

    That’s a very cool photo of the Graf Zeppelin.

    Among my grandma’s things, I found a couple of blurry snapshots of a zeppelin which my grandpa had taken. Going by the date he’d scrawled on the back on the photo, it must have been the Graf Zeppelin rather than the Hindenburg.

    1. Jay says:

      Ooh, cool. Ever scan and post those anywhere?

  2. Cora says:

    I haven’t scanned them yet, since my parents have the box of grandpa’s photos. The quality isn’t all that great either. But I’ll probably will scan and post them someday.

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