[cancer] And so it goes

More news today from my oncologist. Unless something crops up to contraindicate, we’re committing to chemo. This is based on the MRI results, and her further discussions with my cancer surgeon about my case.

I have some followups in San Francisco the week of 7/20, including further imaging studies of the various sites, and a full chest imaging to evaluate the lung spot and see if there are more lung spots.

I meet with my Portland oncologist on 7/27 to formally prescribe the chemotherapy. On 7/29 I have the chemotherapy orientation class. Sometime thereafter (as yet unscheduled) I will have the port put in — I’ll be a Harkonnen! — then commence a six month course, with a break at midpoint for evaluation through further imaging studies.

So sometime in early August I’ll be entering the magical land of chemo. This makes WorldCon very iffy, though we’ll look at scheduling issues. I’m not going to delay treatment just for the sake of a Con trip, but if it all fits together, that can be my hurrah. I am probably good for all commitments before then. On the plus side, I can probably get the first draft of Endurance wrapped before the killjuice starts melting my brain.

In other news, my mom is in the ER in Portland tonight with a blood clotting issue which is not particularly serious now but needs to be addressed before it becomes serious. I, of course, am in San Francisco, and my sister is at the Washington coast.

Never rains but it pours around here.

4 thoughts on “[cancer] And so it goes

  1. Mentioning the studies they’ve just done lately on the use of ginger tea before and during chemo – seems to help with the side effects, they say. 🙂 Continuing to hold you and your family (which of course includes calendula!) in my thoughts.

  2. tetar says:

    You’re the best-informed and most prepared person imaginable to go through the upcoming process, and you now we’re on your side. Stay strong, stay angry, and stay in touch.

  3. Oh geez, honey. I’ll be back in Portland at the end of August, so put me on the rotation of people you can call if you need anything.

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you. Are you back for a while?

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