[writing] Endurance progriss riport, day 20-22

Days 20 and 21 were lost to our grand adventures in Points North. Day 22 today yielded only a disappointed 2,100 words in an hour of effort. However, under my new weekly rubric, that makes 21,600 words for the week, well in excess of my 17,500 word target. I’m now at 87,500 words. Given that chemo shouldn’t start before early August, I’m confident of getting this draft wrapped before cancer eats my brain.

In the mean time, a bit of WIP:

“I know more now than I would have had we fled a week ago.” Mother Argai’s voice was a growl. “That was part of what Mother Vajpai made as an excuse. For my own part, I agree with you.” She spat into the darkness. “We have given up too much to gain too little. Including, likely, the lives of Mother Vajpai and Samma, thanks to your little raid just now.”

The words, But I saved you, at least, died on my lips. I could imagine the political pressures back in Kalimpura that drove Mother Vajpai to join this expedition. And I could just as easily imagine the woman’s political thinking that drove her to stay to her own torture and probable death, for the sake of what she saw as the best chance to get the information about Surali’s true intentions back to Kalimpura.

“You are all fools,” I said, growling myself. “This could have been handled better.”