[writing] Write before my very eyes; updates from the fiction side

A lot going on just now. As mentioned, we have sold collaborative novelette “The Passion of Mother Vajpai” to Subterranean Press for their upcoming anthology, Tales of Dark Fantasy 2. This is in the Green continuity, backstory for an important secondary character in all three books.

We’ve got collaborative short story “From the Countries of Her Dreams” out to first readers, which is also in the Green continuity, concerning a very minor character from Endurance, though the action takes place shortly after the end of Endurance, roughly contemporaneous with the third book, Kalimpura.

I sold a piece of Twitter fiction today, which can be read here if you’re in the mood for a four second ride.

Of more news, I signed contracts for Endurance and Kalimpura today, and mailed them back to la agente’s New York offices as instructed.

And finally, I began horsing my way through the coped edited manuscript (CEM) of Pinion (third Mainspring book) today.

Plus proceeds rapidly apace with Our Lady of the Islands, and we’ve got another project cooking along. And we’re off to Seattle this weekend for the Grants Pass reading and signing.

Busy much? All this and a bag of chips!