[travel|polls] How far have you travelled from your birthplace?

I’ve put up a new poll here.

When I was about nine, we were in the Washington, DC area on home leave. Mom and Dad took me to see the pediatrician, who shared a clinic with other doctors. Me, the kid who’d been born in Taiwan, and already lived there, Canada, Dahomey, Texas and DC, got to talking to an adult who told me he’d never in his life been more than forty miles from where he was born, right there in Northern Virginia.

That struck me as very bizarre. I had trouble imagining a life so limited, in fact. I’ve long since realized that my reaction did the gentleman a profound disservice — travel was my norm, and therefore my bias — but still, how strange.

In this spirit, I present a poll on how far you’ve gone from where you were born. Note multiple answers can be selected … I’m curious what the curve will look like. Feel free to comment on your childhood or adult travels and relocations, as well.

2 thoughts on “[travel|polls] How far have you travelled from your birthplace?

  1. dawn says:

    I’ve always thought it was odd, too. I was born a Navy brat, though, and traveled a lot as a child, moving from place to place. As an adult, that travel bug is in me still.

    I now live in the midwest. I meet more people here who have never left the area than I ever met when I lived in the western US. I think there are more mobile demographics in the country, too.

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