[photos] Trapezoidal bricks

The other day, I saw this fireplace, and realized I was looking at trapezoidal bricks. I can’t think that I’ve ever noticed trapezoidal bricks before. Bricks are, after all, noted for their consistency, their regularity, the rightness of their angles.




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Since I can’t imagine anyone making such odd shaped brick forms as one offs, these must have been kit fireplaces sometime in the past. But what the heck do I know, I’m not an architectural historian? Or are these everywhere, and I’ve just been oblivious all these years?

ETA: I do know what a keystone is, and how an arch works. I just always thought of them as masonry, not brickwork. Or at least, not brickwork with trapezoidal bricks. Clearly a flaw in my education.

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  1. Lucy Kemnitzer says:

    I just left a replyu at the lj feed — should I copy-paste it over here?

    1. Jay says:

      If you like. I track both comment streams, though.

  2. tetar says:

    They may have been shaved, or ground down, to fit the arc. My grandfather taught me to shape bricks when building things with them, when necessary. Of course, your kit idea is a good one, too.

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