[personal] Saturday. What? A day?

Nice dinner last night with and . I made sandwiches by laying down crispy pepper bacon and prosciutto on sliced mini baguettes, then covering the prosciutto with asiago cheese and the bacon with Breemster XO and toasting them. Reassembled with arugula and thin-sliced tomatoes, and served with pickled beets. Mmm. Lots of good conversation and friend time after, but, mmm.

Also managed to get a little over 1,000 words done on the Fermi paradox story last night. The previous two days had been so difficult I’d gotten behind. Planned to be done with this by now, but I’ll finish up the draft this weekend. After that I dive into a close critique of ‘s novel Demonhead, and a revision draft of our joint project, Our Lady of the Islands.

We’re out and about today, preshopping for the WFC cheese party, doing household/couple things, then eventually hitting Borderlands Books and Writers With Drinks this evening in the Mission District. See some, all or none of you there!