[links] Link salad wishes the Child a Happy Birthday!

ThrushArt writing guru James Gurney with a lovely little piece of visual and print poetry.

42 Essential 3rd Act Twists — Hilarious.

A feisty embuggerance — Humorous academic neepery with respect to Google Scholar.

Green Genes — Inheritable transgenics. Wow.

HD 209458b: Comparing Exoplanet Atmospheres — More wow from Centauri Dreams.

No Vaccine? A Different Risk — Yep. Antivax borders on criminal behavior, and it’s stupid besides, because the risk being transferred away to other people’s kids is being replaced by a far more significant risk to the antivaxer’s own kids.

America — A WWII vet and lifelong Republican talks about gay marriage and equality in a very sensible way. (Via Making Light.)

?otD: What would you tell today?

Body movement: n/a (prepping for PET/CT scan)
Hours slept: 6.0
This morning’s weigh-in: 231.2
Currently reading: Dragon in Chains by Daniel Fox