One thought on “[photos] Your Tuesday moment of zen

  1. Linda Livermore says:

    Hi Jay,
    It’s been a huge bit of time since we’ve been in touch. Life and living are crazy, and we both have our areas of intense focus. Know that I’m thinking of you, with warmth and wishes for health and well being. We saw Bronwyn briefly at the Revels last month – didn’t have time for more than a brief hello and hug.
    Adam is a freshman at PCC – He’s enjoying college life – and most important the guy still knows how to have fun and enjoy life, bring joy and smiles to most people he meets.
    Jonah is in 6th grade at Portland Village School. Jonah was diagnosed w/ Type 1 Diabetes a year ago in September and spent 4 days at Emanuel. He’s been fairly accepting of the finger pokes and 3-4 shots per day. Hardest time is potlucks and dessert tables – carb counting as advanced math. He’s strong and healthy, loves to read – primarily adventure, action, fantasy kind of things, good swimmer, playing some futsol and likes to cook: Caesar Salad and cookies his current specialties.
    I’m still at taxes for work, but also singing for fun: Portland Peace Choir and Portland Threshold Choir. I’m also enjoying the practice of Breema Body Work, reading, walking the Dog, petting the cat.
    Liked the blog: Bronwyn’s analysis of power of eye contact. Yah, most people don’t do it – Occasionally, though, I meet people who must come from the same planet as me. I recognize them and they recognize me – world’s a little less lonely when it happens.
    Love and hugs, Linda

    PS – I have little idea how this response will work – I’m guessing it’s linked to this particular entry – which isn’t the one I refer to. Oh well, if I try to redirect my response it won’t happen. So here it is in my human imperfection – but the underlying caring is perfect.

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