[writing] Our Lady of the Islands

Just put a wrap on the second draft of my collaborative novel with , Our Lady of the Islands. We predicted 120,000 words, and this draft is 120,100 words. We bad! And here’s me, revising through surgery and chemo.

Onward to rewriting Endurance, which Tor is expecting from me soon. Luckily, there is a complete first draft.

One thought on “[writing] Our Lady of the Islands

  1. Wayne John says:

    LOL, love the humor! Why am I the first to comment on this post? Been checking out the posts, and I’ll say that I like what you’ve done to the post titles. Including the category seems to make them pop a bit for me. Cool. Found you from “Tweetdeck Recommends”, liked what I read, subscribed.

    Damn I love this social media thing. lol


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