[links] Link salad, mostly weird science edition

A reader reacts to my novel Rocket Science — They liked it.

Ebooks and issues of entitlement — From Booklife, an excellent overview.

“Dear Media, from Science” (No.1) — This is a scream. (Via Bad Astronomy.)

Spray-on liquid glass — Weird and cool materials science. (Thanks to .)

Zoologger: ‘Living beach ball’ is giant single cell — Weird science, dept of benthic biology. (Thanks to .)

Toward an Interstellar Archaeology — Wow. This is a must read for anyone interested in hard SF and/or SETI.

Physicist discovers how to teleport energy — Cool beans.

A little telescope goes a long wayNASA astronomers have successfully demonstrated that a David of a telescope can tackle Goliath-size questions in the quest to study Earth-like planets around other stars. Their work, reported today in the journal Nature, provides a new tool for ground-based observatories, promising to accelerate by years the search for prebiotic, or life-related, molecules on planets orbiting stars beyond our solar system. (Via .)

?otD: Bits of my creation, is it real?

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