[links] Link salad wakes up and wonders what the day will bring

A reader reacts to Rocket Science

You’re Staring at My Story’s Package (1)Scrivener’s Error on copyrights and book editions. Fascinating stuff, if you’re into the business of books.

The Underwear Railroad: 1906 — A rather strange train photo from Shorpy.

Millis: Approaches to Interstellar Flight — Some fascinating stuff here for you skiffy writers.

NASA talks global warming — As usual, the facts are biased against the conservative worldview. Not that this slows them down for a moment…

GOP Trying To Exploit and Contain Populism At The Same Time — Conserative blogger Daniel Larison proves once again why I’ve come to admire his writing so much. He hits the nail on the head about much of what bothers me in the current conservative political stance, writing from the inside of the movement.

GOP Rep King feels heat for suicide bomber sympathies — White male tax protestor flies plane into building? Conservative hero. Muslim radical flies plane into building? Decade-long war on terror. Cognitive dissonance much, GOP?

Nicaragua prevents treatment of pregnant cancer patient — Welcome to the magical world of conservativeland, where even maternal death and the orphaning of an existing child doesn’t matter when measured against the rights of a ten week fetus. Proud of yourselves, guys? This is the future you’re making for all our daughters.

The gathering storm — Roger Ebert on privatization, public services, and where the money went. The GOP has been captured by a far-right movement that places its abstract ideology above practical needs and concerns in the real world. Well, it does. You can see that when Tea Partiers demonstrate against their own self-interest. Very much worth the read, especially if you think you’ll disagree with him.

NYTimes Public Editor Declines to Recommend Retraction for Multiple Erroneous Reports on False ACORN ‘Pimp’ Story — This is kind of inside baseball for political media junkies, frankly, but it’s an excellent example of how the liberal media isn’t. That “liberal media” meme may have been Atwater and Ailes’ greatest single success, it’s so false and so toxic to actual political reporting in this country, and has effectively converted the entire national media into a Right Wing echo chamber for the past three decades.

?otD: Who moved my cheese?

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