[politics] Your simplified political dictionary

This is your simplified political dictionary for today.

  • If you’re pro-life and you support the death penalty, you’re not pro-life.
  • If you’re pro-life and you support the Iraq War, you’re not pro-life.
  • If you’re pro-life and you own a handgun, you’re not pro-life.
  • If you’re fiscally conservative and you vote Republican, you’re not fiscally conservative.
  • If you’re for family values and you vote Republican, you’re not for family values.
  • If you’re for limited government and you vote Republican, you’re not for limited government.
  • If you’re pro-America and you support teach alternatives to evolution, you’re not pro-America.
  • If you’re anti-tax but you want to be able to call 911 in an emergency, you’re not anti-tax.
  • If you’re anti-government but you want the potholes filled in the road, you’re not anti-government.
  • If you’re against government healthcare but are on Medicare, you’re not against government healthcare.
  • If you’re against single-provider healthcare but are in the VA system, you’re not against single-provider healthcare.
  • If you’re Christian but you pray for the death of political opponents, you’re not Christian.

Intellectual consistency is fun. Try your own examples!

2 thoughts on “[politics] Your simplified political dictionary

  1. I _am_ a Christian (not radical right-wing Christian, though) and was absolutely apalled when I read about those who were praying for the death of Democractic leaders. There was a time in Christian history when something like that might have been called Witchcraft. I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to call it a perversion of Christ’s message and teachings.

    Anyway, I pretty much agree with all of your points above. The lacadaisical approach of some of our fellow Americans to intellectual consistency (or intellectual anything, for that matter) is pretty crass.

    Did you hear the one about how Texas has refused to participate in an interstate unified curriculum in primary schools because they want the freedom to indoctrinate their students with right wing political idealogy (such as the superiority of the “Moral Majority”) in history classes?

    If you’re for Freedom of Speech, but support the political indoctrination of other people’s children in school, then you’re not for Freedom of Speech.

  2. Rick York says:

    Hypocrisy? What hypocrisy?

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