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The Two Bucket Theory of Language and Writing is wise.

SiWC Tips ‘N’ Tricks — Me, featured on the Surrey International Writers’ Conference blog.

Dark Faith Roundtable — A group interview with Gary A. Braunbeck, Nick Mamatas, Catherynne M. Valente and me.

FogCon — I’ve been asked to mention a new con in the Bay Area, FogCon, March 11-13, 2011. I might actually managed to be there.

The Straight Dope is deeply snarky about D&D — A classic column from 1980. (That’s the dateline, internal text suggests later in the 1980s.) He’s talking about my era of D&D/AD&D, and it’s stupidly funny snark.

explains the economic stimulus — Heh. (Thanks to .)

Truman’s Moral CourageHe signed the first executive calling for “equality of treatment for all persons in the armed services, without regard to race, color, religion or national origin” on July 26, 1948 — a scant few months before a presidential election, with polls showing 82% opposition to the idea in the country. Can you imagine a president today having the courage to do such a thing under those circumstances? Are you listening, Mr. Obama? Do the right thing, not the expedient thing.

Michael Brown: Obama Wanted The Oil Spill To HappenEx-FEMA director Michael Brown today claimed that President Obama waited to respond to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico because he wanted an excuse to shut down offshore drilling. Is there some kind of a contest for how crazy you have to be in order to be a conservative? Heck of a job, Brownie. And they say irony is dead.

The authors of Arizona’s immigration law retreat — A good read for those of you who persist in the delusion that the Arizona immigration law was anything but racist grandstanding.

Conservative Latinos Rethink Party Ties — Strangely enough, racist grandstanding has consequences. (Thanks to .)

Not All Americans Are Equal — More principled consistency from conservative America. Yet you think you’re the good guys?

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with “rent boy” — Loves me some family values. Look, over there! Teh gay! Let’s persecute! I see nothing but bigotry and hypocrisy in the anti-gay movement. (Thanks to .) And a bit more of a funny on this from Language Log.

Secret Christian donors bankroll Tories — Christianism in the UK. My favorite bit: [Philippa Strud] once explained that it was “massively important” for Christians to engage in politics because “we have a unique understanding of the value of human beings”. Right. Because no one who isn’t Christian can understand the value of a human being. At least she’s honest in her bigotry. And what is it with conservatives and the word “unique”?

?otD: What’s your favorite city?

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  1. Cora says:

    Obama obviously did not want the oil spill in the Gulf to happen. However – and I say this as someone who has quite a bit of experience with oil spill combating measures and strategies – the response to the oil spill was slow and insufficient. Okay, they use oil booms, which is a start (unfortunately, the booms don’t seem to have been too effective) and chemical binding agents (not recommended unless everything else fails). But there is no sign of any oil recovery vessels or land-based clean-up crews armed with anything more than shovels. Instead, they try fighting the oil spill by burning it up, which is ineffective, dangerous, a hazard to the environment and wastes valuable resources. The US desperately needs a strategy to respond to oil spills, particularly since they have offshore drilling. They also need proper equipment beyond a few booms. And they need an authority, linked to FEMA or the coast guard, to coordinate oil spill combating missions all over the US, at sea and on inland waters. All this isn’t Obama’s fault, though, and Michael Brown of all people shouldn’t be criticizing him, considering that Brown is a) the guy who totally botched the Katrina situation and b) a consistent oil spill combating strategy would have been his job.

    The growing influence of conservative Christianity in the UK worries me, because the UK is one of the most progressive countries around with regard to gay rights, acceptance of homosexuality, a liberal attitude towards sex, abortion rights and access to contraception, i.e. the morning after pill available over the counter to any woman who asks. Even their Christians, both Anglicans and Catholics, are some of the most mellow around. I spent some time living in an Anglican parish house as a student and so I met a bunch of Anglican priests. All but one were gay and really great blokes. I’d hate to see all that ruined by the same nasty strain of fundamentalist Christianity that already infested the US and spread from there to the UK (because they share a language, the UK has less resistance to really bad ideas from the US than the rest of us)

    The Jim van Pelt article is great, BTW.

    Favourite city overall: Antwerp
    Favourite city in the US: New Orleans, which is why this oil spill thing makes me very angry.

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