[help|photos] Identifying European site ca 1955-1956

My grandfather, Colonel Dr. L.E. Lake, Sr., took this photo in Germany, or possibly elsewhere in Europe, ca. 1955-1956. We don’t know where this bombed-out palace is, or anything about the place. Can anybody help identify it? The mighty LJ brain has been very helpful in previous such queries.

Ruined palace, Germany (?), 1955-1956

© 1955, 1956, L.E. Lake, Sr.

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7 thoughts on “[help|photos] Identifying European site ca 1955-1956

    1. Jay says:

      The entranceways seem nearly identical. I think that may be it. Thank you!

  1. Marion says:


    Looking at the pics on Wikipedia, I’d say it’s a perfect match.

  2. Craig says:

    That is the Statschloss in Stutgart, and the 1956 timeline would be about right. The building was gutted during the war, and wasn’t rebuilt until much later (a pretty common situation).

    It was unique in that most of the carved figures that lined the parapet weren’t destroyed by the bombing, unlike the Beliner Statschloss which lost virtually every one.

    I’m not exactly certain when the recontruction began, but I know it would have been after that time.

  3. skh says:

    Yes, after comparing the pictures in detail I’m also convinced that this is Stuttgart.

    I wasn’t sure, because the picture from 1955/6 looks as if it was taken in the middle of nowhere, and the new castle is right in the center of a busy city. But this is probably only the perspective, and the fact that the hills behind the castle are just hidden.

    I (born 1972) grew up in the area, and only know the castle it its pretty, reconstructed new incarnation (the new new castle if you like). Thanks for sharing this piece of its history.

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