[links] Link salad sees a city in its mind

Criada reacts to The Specific Gravity of Grief — I was very touched by this one.

A reader reacts to Green — They really, really didn’t like it. My favorite part of the review: I should have bought an IT book or something. Best book diss EVAR.

Some thoughts on uniformity — Paul Jessup on story telling.

Engendering Utopia: From Amazons to Androgyny — A reprint of an old IROSF article by specficrider and me.

Okay, kids, play on my lawn — Roger Ebert on video games as art (again), with reference to Shakespeare and Clive Barker.

Science Historian Cracks the ‘Plato Code’ — This is cool. (Thanks to e_bourne.)

Get Fuzzy on kosher dolphins

The fanciful vehicular concept art of 1930s Japan — Very cool stuff from io9.com. The future that never was ours.

Inspiring vintage science fiction art — (Via Dark Roasted Blend.)

The First Photo of a Planet Outside Our Solar System — Wow. More from Centauri Dreams.

More on Research 2000Daily Kos on the invalidity of their own polling. This is a serious problem with process, accountability and accuracy. Probably not so much with underlying trending, as this piece points out. For example, Harris says: 45 percent of Republicans (25 percent overall) agree with the Birthers in their belief that Obama was “not born in the United States and so is not eligible to be president” (Thanks to ericjamesstone for the nudge.)

Montana GOP seeks to ‘keep homosexual acts illegal.’ — As has the Texas GOP. This is keeping government out of private life, which was all the rage for conservatives during the HCR debate? Tell me again how the conservative movement isn’t grounded in bigotry.

?otD: Are you on the road to nowhere?

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8 thoughts on “[links] Link salad sees a city in its mind

  1. Oh, bigotry is alive and well on both sides of the fence, Jay. Liberals just get a free pass when they’re bigoted because, like, it’s okay when a liberal is a bigot. I lived and worked in the oh-so-liberal PNW for too many years, overhearing too many remarks and seeing too many bigoted actions by too many card-carrying progressives — remarks and actions which would be eternally and forever villified coming from the mouth of a conservative — to ever be fooled that bigotry is a game for the Right Wing alone.

    Consider Senator Byrd. Had he been a lifetime Republican, no amount of mea culpas on his part could have ever excused his belonging to the KKK or his opposition to Civil Rights. But because he’s a Democrat, and liberals “claim” him, he’s regarded as almost saintly. This is very common. The Left gives a pass to you if you carry their water for them; doesn’t matter what kind of evil shit you’ve said or done in your past. Here comes your get-out-of-scrutiny-free card. Because you’re on the correct “team” now.

    Which actually demonstrates something I’ve complain about a lot over the last few years: that being Left or Right is not about principles anymore as much as it’s about the “team” sport: playing for the correct “team” and being friendly with the correct “players.” Your actual views, actions, words, etc, don’t matter as much as your being a good team member who plays the “game” the correct way. Lots of liberals and conservatives alike, betraying principle on a routine basis, in the name of teamist political antics.

    1. Jay says:

      BTW, have rescued this comment. Apparently my comment spam filter somehow turned itself up to ’11’ and blocked everything the past few days. My apologies.

  2. Testing testing testing….

  3. Cora says:

    Love the vintage SF art. I had and still have many books with art like that on the cover; they were amongst the first SF books I read. So this brings back memories of becoming an SF reader.

    1. Jay says:

      I miss those 70s covers.

      1. Cora says:

        There are some stunning SF and fantasy covers out there these days, but I still have a soft spot for the brightly coloured 1970s and 1980s covers.

  4. Alex J. Kane says:

    That artwork is magnificent.

    I tend to agree that far too often, the hard right tends to ground its arguments against the minority with bigoted notions of ‘the right way’ and religious nonsense that became obsolete sometime not too long after the Dark Ages.

    It’s sad, really, that more people aren’t exposed to individuals of the homosexual preference. It’s not like they’re eyes glow with demonic fire, and at night they rise from the ground to spread their gay-ness like some sort of blight.

    In fact, their urges seem to me to be of the very same potency as those of heterosexuals. Except straight people don’t have to hide behind a curtain from the rest of the society; they simply flaunt their sexual vigor/preferences like some sort of fraternal flag.

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