[writing] Sometimes I am a monster

Well, the dam has definitely broken. Apparently Fred has a lot to say.

Today I spent four and a quarter hours on writing and writing-related program activities. I revised a short story, then marketed the revisions. I revised another short story and returned it to calendula_witch for another reading. I did some research for the Sekrit Projekt. I wrote 6,000 new words on the Sekrit Projekt, bring current wordcount to 13,400, with a projected final wordcount of 20,000. A double Lake and change.

Also went to lunch with calendula_witch and the_child (which was ill-conceived, as we had to put up with a brewpub full of World Cup fans armed with vuvuzelas), spent some time at the Powell’s mothership signing books and buying other books, and spent some time in an Oriental rug store watching calendula_witch shop.

The only reason I stopped writing for the day is that I’m tired, not because the tap ran dry. I have missed this sense of flow so much. God, it’s so good to be laying down words.

4 thoughts on “[writing] Sometimes I am a monster

  1. Cora says:

    Good to hear that Fred is back and active.

    I wouldn’t have expected to find enough Spanish and Dutch supporters in Portland to fill a pub – or two, since supporters of opposing teams rarely watch together. Though indoors vuvuzela use must surely be a violation of the Geneva convention.

    1. Jay says:

      It was pretty hideous, really, but by the time we knew we’d made a mistake we were pretty much committed.

      1. Cora says:

        Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at detecting and avoiding soccer fan pubs (unless I actually want to watch a match with lots of other people). In Germany soccer is not just four weeks of World Cup every four years, but every weekend during the season (approx. September to April/May) plus midweek Europe League/Champions’ League matches, so it’s good to know which pubs to avoid on match days. Knowing when the local team has a home game is also important, because the streets around the stadium will be closed to general traffic several hours before the match.

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