[travel] Up, up and away

Finally back on the road for business again, for the first time since last October. Chemotherapy really does interfere with life. I have discovered this morning that wearing gloves and a hat into the security line trips some TSA protocol regarding pat-downs. Apparently peripheral neuropathy is a threat to air travel.

Omaha today, dinner tonight with garyomaha and elusivem, assuming the flight is on time and I haven’t hit the wall somewhere along the way. I’m in all-day meetings at the Day Jobbe Tuesday and Wednesday. They’ve reorganized the company, moved offices and had a fair amount of personnel changes since the last time I was there, so this ought to be interesting. Omaha Beach Party will be Tuesday instead of Thursday this week due to further work commitments.

Friday I fly to Seattle instead of Portland, so’s I can attend the last Clarion West party. calendula_witch will meet me there, then we’ll head back to Portland Saturday morning.

Next week: New Jersey, via Philadelphia.