[photos] Australia: Touring Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria

The day after the Great Ocean Road tour, we met up with a passel of folks under the guidance of australianjoe for a day long tour of Melbourne. As two in our party with mobility-impaired, Our Host had worked out a route that included plentiful tram hops and many rest stops.

Our first destination was the National Gallery of Victoria. We weren’t there for the art, but for the architecture.

Our Host out front.

The fountains.

The Water Wall, within the main archway.

The Water Wall as seen from inside.

Statues in front of the Water Wall.

Stained glass ceiling.

Detail of same.

calendula_witch admires the ceiling.

elisem is amused, or possibly bemused, by the venue.

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3 thoughts on “[photos] Australia: Touring Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria

  1. Also known as “the palatial home of John Foyster”.

    (background to that comment: the campaign for the first Australian Worldcon, back in the early 1970’s, included the making of a short fanfilm that was shown at a lot of US conventions. One of the shots in the film showed the concommittee entering the National Gallery, with the fountains and everything, and a voiceover stating the committee was meeting “at the palatial home of John Foyster.” Foyster was one of the concommittee, and was distinguished from most of the committee by virtue of actually having a steady job and decent income.)

    1. Jay says:

      That is hilarious.

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