[personal] When Josie comes home

tillyjane, a/k/a my mom, spent her first full day post-operative/post-discharge at my house yesterday. I took off work to care for her, though I’m back at the Day Jobbe a bit later today as her sisters have arrived to help for a week or two. My friend T— came by for several hours to offer desperately needed advice and assistance, as home healthcare is her profession. And my friend F— brought by a lasagna yesterday afternoon, which was a most welcome and simple-for-us dinner treat.

So far, things are going well. She remains cheerful and (relatively) energetic. We’ve identified three success criteria that need to be met before my mom can go back to her own house. Two are keyed to her own healing progress, and the third is a small infrastructure problem at the house which I have someone coming in this morning to bid out a solution on.

In other news, something very fun and interesting has happened in my writing life that I’ll report on when it’s public info. For now, just say I am a happy camper at a time when a little positive reinforcement is going a rather long way.

In other other news, The Child’s Halloween dance is tonight, and seventh-grade drama seems to be in full cry around her. She’s doing just fine. For her parents, it’s kind of like having a front row seat at the soaps, though. And being Halloween, this is calendula_witch’s birthday weekend. Appropriate festivities are in store.

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  1. Cora says:

    Seventh grade drama is indeed very much like a soap opera. In my seventh grade class, the grand romantic drama of a girl from my class and a boy from another class has been entertaining the whole class for several weeks now. Personally, I suspect that the romance only exists in the girl’s mind.

    Also all the best to your Mom for a speedy recovery.

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