[personal] Things I have been wondering about lately

  • Why anyone lives in Omaha, or anyplace where 1 degree F is a normal temperature
  • Why I was awake 21 hours yesterday
  • Who thought Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” was a good choice for a middle school girls’ choir to sing
  • Who had to explain to the kids what the song meant
  • Why my WordPress comment spam has spiked so high these past few days
  • Why my process for Sunspin is so vastly different from any other novel I’ve ever written
  • How yogurt can go bad
  • What everyone else is wondering about

9 thoughts on “[personal] Things I have been wondering about lately

  1. I can answer one of those, if only vaguely:

    “Why my WordPress comment spam has spiked so high these past few days?”

    Because the general load of WP comment spam seems to have gone through the roof in the last few weeks. I’m currently getting something like 4,000 spam comments per 24 hours over at Futurismic. If you’re finding they’re slipping through the spamtraps, JT might be able to put in another layer of plugin protection for yah.

    1. Jay says:

      Thanks. It’s pretty much getting caught in the spam trap, but the amount of time I’m spending trolling the spam trap for misplaced legitimate comments is becoming annoying, simply because of having to comb through all the damned crap.

  2. Rick York says:

    Well the Cohen song could have been “Bird on a Wire” or “Sisters of Mercy”. But, do many people really listen to the lyrics?

    I have a vivid memory from New York in the 60’s; a bunch of young guys in an old convertible throwing bottles at civil rights marchers while listening to Peter, Paul and Mary’s cover of “Blowin’ in the Wind”. I was in the march.

  3. Cora says:

    No. 1: Some people just like cold weather. Or maybe they have family there and don’t want to go.

    No. 3: I vastly prefer hearing a middle school girls’ choir sing the proper Leonard Cohen version of “Hallelujah” than hearing kids in the schoolyard sing a gag song consisting of Yo Mama jokes set to the tune of Hallelujah on the schoolyard, as happened to me a few days ago. And no, I have no idea why that particular song had to suffer the Yo Mama lyrics.

    No. 5: Some of my worst comment spammers always posted from the same IP address, so I used the WP-ban plug-in to ban their IP addresses. Radical, but it did the trick and drastically reduced comment spam.

    1. Cora says:

      No. 7: If you use natural yoghurt without any aromas or additives, it hardly ever goes bad. What makes yoghurt go bad, are the fruit, sweeteners, colouring agents, etc…

  4. Griffin says:

    I am wondering why all my joints seem to be going bad at the same time.

    And Cora is spot on about the yogurt’s alien content causing the rot.

  5. Michael says:

    “Why anyone lives in Omaha, or anyplace where 1 degree F is a normal temperature”

    This one I can answer – because some of us need winter – Winter is revitalizing – it forces you to slow down and conserve your resourced, replenishing your reserves. And, I like not having to spend all my time sneezing for a 6-month period in the year.

    1. Cora says:

      Hayfever and pollen allergies are another very legitimate reason for preferring the cold. Ever since they introduced a second planting of rapeseed, which triggers my allergies, I can only get peace when the first frosts hit and the last rapeseed plants finally die off.

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