[travel] Seattle ho

Yesterday afternoon I ran a few too many errands, then helped a friend do something personal. After that I popped up to Seattle for visits with Asher and [info]scarlettina. Today, lunch with [info]markbourne and [info]e_bourne, then an afternoon with birthday boy [info]bravado111, including a celebratory dinner. Breakfast with [info]shelly_rae tomorrow, then back to Portland for the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival with [info]the_child.

Busy busy busy. Be well, play nice, and do something fun this weekend.

2 thoughts on “[travel] Seattle ho

  1. Heya — Do you know what time the authors’ panel is tomorrow? The website doesn’t say anything except “afternoon.”

    1. Jay says:

      According to the email I got, 3:15 to 4:15 for the author’s panel. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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