[writing] Endurance copy edits done, Sunspin spins back up

Endurance copy edits are done and back to Tor. Whee! I also did some short fiction work yesterday, and began the section-by-section outline for the next portion of Calamity of So Long a Life, also known as Sunspin book 2. Plus Andrew Mayer gave me a reading copy of his forthcoming League of Steam novel. Steampunk superheroes in 1880s New York. What could possibly go wrong?

All in all, a day of transition. Also, tonight I’m on Twitter at #sffwrtcht from 6 pm to 7 pm Pacific, as mentioned in Link Salad. Otherwise I’ll be doing a tad of short fiction revision, then working on Sunspin. About which I’ve had some interesting first reader feedback, by the way.

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  1. Griffin says:

    Great guesting tonight! Thanks!

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