[personal] Weekend report, and what dreams did come

Whew. This weekend I:

  • Went to a protest in support of the Wisconsin public worker unions
  • Dined with a friend Friday night, then saw True Grit
  • Brunched with a friend Saturday morning and did a bunch of walking
  • Dined with a friend Saturday night and saw a jazz/klezmer group live
  • Hiked part of the Cape Horn trail in the Columbia Gorge Sunday morning
  • Advised and assisted [info]the_child on preparing for her art showing next weekend
  • Attended an Oscar party Sunday evening
  • Wrote 5,100 words on Sunspin through all this
  • Had strange dreams last night

Busy much?

The dreams last night were hilarious. As best as I can reconstruct them now, I was trying to arrange a social date for [info]davidlevine. I stopped at the Philadelphia Zoo to sort out the details, borrowing a clipboard from their membership department.

As I sat on some empty steps to make notes about this date, I was trampled by a crowd of zoo patrons rushing to see an IMAX showing of some nature movie. I was so discombobulated by this that I threw down my clipboard in frustration. That narrowly missed a manager from the zoo office.

The Zoo Police took me into custody for attempted assault. I was informed that as my alleged crimes had occurred on public property, I would be charged with terrorism related offenses under the Patriot Act, and that Homeland Security was being called in.

For some reason I still had the run of the zoo offices at that point. Various writers and editors kept wandering in. I pled my case to the trio of Gordon Van Gelder, Tim Pratt and Ben Rosenbaum. Gordon told me I should be more careful with my clipboard next time. Ben said fifteen years in prison was a small price to pay for a just and peaceful society.

I wound up in the IMAX auditorium still looking for someone who could help me out. At that point the Zoo Police decided I was trying to effect an escape from custody by hiding in the crowd. They started a panic sending in a SWAT team after me, while loudly telling everyone I was a violent criminal threatening further violence.

I woke up laughing at myself. All that so David Levine could have a date?

What did you dream last night?

4 thoughts on “[personal] Weekend report, and what dreams did come

  1. Jaws says:

    Wrong zoo in your dream — for a Wash U graduate, it should have been the Forest Park Zoo in St. Louis, which is a very short walk from campus. Besides, for us Bears the only possible dates were, well, the bears… or maybe the lions or tigers.

  2. Griffin says:

    That I was a Zoo policeman, on the hunt.

  3. Well, at least we’re clear on where I stand, you clipboard-hurling miscreant!

    1. Jay says:

      All I wanted was a little sympathy for my accidental felonies…

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