[links] Link salad heads for Florida

A reader reacts to Green — She liked it, I think. Also, a comment on the Endurance cover.

A reader reacts to Mainspring — A bit more mixed.

Pod Castle with Ken Liu’s “State Change” — A story originally published in Polyphony 4, edited by Deborah Layne and me.

Confessions of a Slush Reader: Why Should I Care? — I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this article, but it’s interesting reading.

“Writeprint” — Your new word for day. Textual analysis as a forensic tool.

Potential Health Effects of Radiation Exposure — Fukushima, Japan and you.

Is the AIR Supposed to be Blue? — A discussion of radiation dispersal.

Some in GOP grow tired of right wing — Psst. GOP. Welcome to the real America. The vast majority of us have been sick of the right wing for years.

[info]pecunium on the GOP’s efforts to turn Michigan into a banana republic. — Small government, yep.

?otD: Atlantic or Gulf coast?

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One thought on “[links] Link salad heads for Florida

  1. Cora says:

    Regarding the “Writeprint” link, last year I heard a forensic linguist give a talk on the linguistic methods used to resolve crimes. Very fascinating subject.

    The eye witness accounts by the Three Mile Island survivors are very harrowing. I recall having read reports by Chernobyl survivors that there was a glittering cloud hanging above the plant (it was beautiful, so a lot of people climbed onto the rooftops and bridges of Pripjat to watch. A few years later most of them were dead). I remember also at least one report by a Chernobyl survivor that there was a blueish/greyish fog in the city of Pripjat and that panicked parents were running through the fog looking for their children.

    Question of the Day: Where the US is concerned, Gulf Coast, because that’s still my favourite part of the country. For Europe, I’ll take the North Sea (i.e. the Atlantic) over the Baltic or Mediterranean Sea.

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