[links] Link salad prepares to cook momos this afternoon

SF Signal reviews Green — With mixed enthusiasms.

Authors protest against BBC treatment of genre fiction

The Art of Flirting — Now being taught at Norwescon.

Does anyone want to be “well-read?” — Roger Ebert on literary fame.

Shakespeare Meets Abbott and Costello — An oldie but a goodie.

Mimetoliths — Art guru James Gurney with your word of the day.

The view from EverestAPOD strikes again.

Is Sitting a Lethal Activity? — Why people react differently to the same calorie intake.

Frozen remains help explain the life and eventual extinction of the woolly mammoth

What’s under Elmer’s Island? — BP and the Gulf oil spill.

Civility is the Last Refuge of ScoundrelsRepublicans are […] trying to use deficit concerns to push through their goal of dismantling the Great Society and if possible the New Deal; they have stated explicitly that they want to reduce taxes on high incomes to pre-New-Deal levels. And it’s an article of faith on their part that low taxes have magical effects on the economy.

?otD: Who was watching the detectives, anyway?

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  1. Cora says:

    I don’t think that the BBC per se hates SFF, since they produce speculative television and radio drama than most other broadcasters. However, their arts and culture department very likely is dismissive of speculative fiction, like arts and culture programming everywhere.

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