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Outer Alliance Spotlight #80: Feminism

Androcentrism: It’s Okay To Be a Boy, But Being a Girl…

Industrial Photography With Soul — Yum! This photo feature from Dark Roasted Blend will put a little punk in your steam.

Dragon Inn: 1909 — You have to click through the larger view of the photo to see the dragon, but it is pretty cool.

The Terrifying Truth About New TechnologyDo robots and Twitter make you nervous? Growing old is what you’re really afraid of. In other words, “Hey, you kids, get off my digital lawn. Oh, and buy my book.”

Lasers Made from Human Cells — Headline of the month. Bwahahahahaha. One million dollars!!!!

I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Graphene Circuits

Shadow Internet Story Fishy — Hmm…

When It Comes to Scandal, Girls Won’t Be Boys — Women, men and political sex scandals.

Badass Quote of the Day — Ed Brayton quoting Amanda Marcotte on conservatives and history, with respect to Sarah Palin’s hotly-defended fantasies about Paul Revere. (I’m still laughing over the alleged “gotcha” question that elicited her glossolaliac ramble into Revolutionary pseudohistory.)

Gingrich blames staff exodus on ‘strategic differences’ — He’s as nuts as Palin and Bachmann, albeit in a different way. Sadly for the nation, “nuts” does not equal “unelectable” in the weird, proudly non-reality-based community of Republican primaries.

?otD: What’s your favorite vegetable?

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One thought on “[links] Link salad is cool as a cucumber

  1. Cora says:

    Regarding the Palin thing, even I know about Paul Revere and it’s neither my country nor my history.

    I find the American obsession with political sex scandals very strange, because in Europe a politician would have to commit rape or sleep with minors to get a reaction at all. I actually clicked on a link to the Weiner pics and my first reaction was, “All that fuss and he’s still wearing underpants?”

    In Germany, we had at one time a chancellor (Gerhard Schröder) and a foreign secretary (Joschka Fischer) both on their fourth marriage, which gave birth to the joke: Why are the chancellor and the foreign secretary not allowed to travel on the same plane? – Because if there’s a crash, the pensions for their eight wives and ex-wives would bankrupt the state. Gerhard Schröder’s divorce from wife 3 and marriage to wife 4 during his campaign only annoyed parts of the electorate, because Schröder decided to badmouth wife 3 in public, not because he had cheated on her and got divorced. And even the badmouthing of his ex-wife didn’t hurt him, he got elected.

    At the moment, we have an openly gay (and married, to a man) foreign secretary, an openly gay mayor of Berlin and minister president (like a governor in the US) of Bavaria who fathered a child with an aide (who promptly paraded the product of the affair through all of the tabloids), while still married to his wife of more than twenty years.

    Some backbencher taking photos of his clothed sausage? Oh please!

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