[family] Happy Father’s Day to my Dad

I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and everyone else’s dad, including those of you have a dad, are a dad or will be a dad.

My father is an amazing man who gives me a great deal to live up to, even now after I’ve spent forty-seven years upon this Earth. He is a retired ambassador, one of the most intelligent and perceptive human beings I’ve ever known, very kind, possessed of virtually endless patience, and is an unfailing role model to me.

I can manage to be one tenth the dad to [info]the_child that he has been to me, I will have been successful.

I love you, Dad.

If you feel moved to say something about your Dad, make post, comment here, or even better, call him up.

One thought on “[family] Happy Father’s Day to my Dad

  1. Silty says:

    I called my dad, that’s all he wanted! And my mom called her dad the day before; and my daughter spent the day with her dad and her other grandpa.

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