[photos] UPRR Pullman Car

Yesterday [info]the_child and I popped by the south end of the Brooklyn Yard of the Union Pacific Railroad, where a ratty old Pullman car has been parked for a while. We got a look at it, and determined the car had been converted to a MOW bunk car. It was fun to take a few pictures, and on a Sunday afternoon the yard was dead quiet except for a fuel truck nosing about some locomotives.

The photos…

The Pullman car in all its glory.

The car’s old name is illegible, except for the word ‘ROCK’.

This seems kind of harsh to put on a bunk car. Just saying…

The exit at one end has seen better days.

The other end of the car.

Some identifying details, for them what cares.

The fuel truck.

As usual, more at the Flickr set.

Photos © 2011, B. Lake and Joseph E. Lake, Jr.

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2 thoughts on “[photos] UPRR Pullman Car

  1. When I see “MOW”, I think “Movie of the Week”, but that doesn’t seem to fit the context here.

    1. Jay says:

      “Maintenance of Way”, the crews and equipment that actually maintain the rail lines. Ie, nonrevenue rolling stock.

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